Sports Performance
X Factor Futbol is pleased to announce their latest expansion, X Factor Sports Performance, delivering Speed and Agility, Strength and Conditioning, Injury Prevention and Recovery Training. Opening on Nov 1st our 3,500 sq ft facility will provide opportunities for any athlete looking to take their game to the next level through individual, small group and team programming.

Sports Performance SeRvices

Individual Training (On-site)

Interested in getting from A-B quicker, faster and stronger? Looking to be become more efficient on the field? If the answer is yes, then jump on board! With pre testing and post testing, every athlete receives individualized programs designed to get you where you need to be

Trainer to Athlete ratio 1:1

Price: $99

Package of 5: $94 (5% Discount)

Package of 10: $89 (10% Discount)

Small Group Training (On-site)


Nothing beats encouragement, so why not join a group training session. Age and ability appropriate, our group training will push you above and beyond your previous max. With pre and post test evaluation our athletes understand their baseline, areas for improvement and how to advance their athletic performance. X Factor Sports Performance currently offers 1-3x a week programming for both in-season and out-of-season workouts.

Focus areas include:

  •       Increased speed
  •       Change of direction
  •       Reaction time and foot speed
  •       Body movement and injury prevention 
  •       Core strength and balance
  •       Increased power

Birth year grouping: 2014-2011 and 2010-2008

Trainer – Athlete ratio 1:2min – 1:10max


Getting from A-B as fast as possible is only the start! Our older age program focuses on developing the strength to compete, and the endurance to finish the game. With a focus on sport specific lifting, you will gain muscle while maintaining your agility and flexibility to perform on the field. If your goal is to play High School or College soccer then this program is for you. X Factor Sports Performance currently offers 1-3x a week programming for both in-season and out-of-season workouts.

Focus areas include:

  •       Upper and lower body lifting
  •       Explosive power
  •       Core strength
  •       Soccer fitness
  •       Injury prevention

Birth year grouping: 2008 & OLDER

Trainer – Athlete ratio 1:2min – 1:10max

Individual Class: $25

Package of 16: $360

Package of 25: $500

Package of 50: $900

Package of 100: $1700


Looking to get faster, stronger and more proficient? Then our XSPEED TRAINING is for you. Technique is critical, and our 8-week program focuses on arm motion, leg drive, foot placement and your ability to reach top speed as quickly as possible with the ability to stop, plant and change direction.

This is a 2 day a week program for a duration of 8 weeks. 

Trainer to Athlete ratio 1:10

Price: $25 per class– (January 2nd – February 25th) 8 weeks!

Package of 16 (2x/wk): $360

Package of 25 (3x/wk): $500

XSPEED TRAINING 2014-2012: Mon, Thurs 5pm Tues, Fri 6pm & Sat 9 am

XSPEED TRAINING 2011-2008: Mon 7 pm Tues, Fri 5 pm Thurs 6pm & Sat 10am

Team Training: (On-site & Off-site)

Team training allows players that share the same ambition to train together in order to achieve the same goals on the field. Head coaches and assistants welcome!