Current Camps

College Camp

Age range: College Athletes and Graduating HS Seniors

Program: 9-11am – 2hrs a day – 10 weeks – Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri (May 24th-July 30th)

Max Occupancy: 20

Our College Camp is designed for athletes ready to take their game to the next level. Our programming will help maintain, develop and improve all aspects of your game. With a focus on small sided games, technical and tactical repetition, speed and agility and strength training our athletes will return to school, fitter, faster and sharper than ever before!



1 day pass $50

2 week pass (8 sessions) $45 a day ($360)

4 week pass (16 sessions) $40 a day ($640)

College/HS Prep Camp

Age range: HS Players and incoming Freshmen

Program: 6-8pm – 2hrs a day – 8 weeks – Mon, Wed, Thurs (June 7th-July 29th)


Max Occupancy: 20

Heading into HS for the 1st time, or wanting to stay on or make varsity this year, then look no further! Our 3 day a week, 2 hrs a day programming will prepare you for anything come August. Through a very similar training program to our College athletes our players will head into pre-season, stronger, fitter and mentally tougher than ever before. 



1 day pass $50

2 week pass (6 sessions) $45 ($270)

4 week pass (12 sessions) $40 ($480) 

Shooting Camp

Age range: 2016 – 2007

Program: 10-12pm – 2hrs a day – Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs (June 7th-10th & July 19th-22nd)


Nothing screams fun more than a shooting camp! If scoring goals is something you want to get better at then sign up now! Through a detailed breakdown of technique, power and accuracy our shooting camp will improve your short and long range ability to score goals and give you the confidence you need! Space is limited so I would sign up today!


Cost: $175

Open Camp

Age range: 2016 – 2007

Program: 10-1pm – 3hrs a day – Mon-Fri (June 21st-25th & July 5th-9th)


Looking to join a programme that can improve your game through a fun environment, then why not jump right on in. This is a great opportunity to play with friends, meet new ones and improve your game at the same time. Through our upbeat training sessions and small sided games everyone will leave wanting more!


Cost: $225