About Us

“Maximizing Player Potential”

It is our mission to provide our athletes with an unparalleled experience through individualized programming, cutting-edge methodologies and equipment. Our fundamental approach ensures every athlete receives intensive instruction, guided assistance and ongoing evaluation. Our program seeks to develop the skills, discipline, and strong character necessary that provide opportunity for success both on and off the field. The strength and professionalism of our staff as well as the support of our athletes and parents will ensure our athletes reach their full potential in all aspects of their lives.


We are driven by excellence, dedicated to providing independent development, catered to individuals wanting to reach the next level, through hard work and dedication.

Owner and visionary, Erin Mikula, has spent the last decade developing her concept and growing X Factor Futbol into one of the very few businesses that ignore the outside noise, focusing entirely on an athlete first approach. Independent from any youth organization, X Factor Futbol stands alone from an educational and developmental standpoint.

Through a dedicated group of professionals, X Factor Futbol tests, trains and retests its athletes within every training program. Our dedication to detail guarantees our athletes receive the attention they deserve and the results they are looking for.

Situated on 8 acres of land, X Factor aims to be an athletes one stop shop and currently boosts a 9,500 sq ft indoor training facility and a 27,000 sqft outdoor training field.

Since 2014 X Factor Futbol has helped hundreds of players improve their game. From recreational players to current clients like US Women’s National Team and International star, Rose Lavelle.

Meet the Leadership Team

Erin Mikula


Erin Mikula is a native of Cincinnati and grew up playing for the Cincinnati Classics Hammer FC.  After graduating HS in 2007, Erin spent the next 4 years at the University of North Carolina, winning 2 National Championships, working with one of the most successful female coaches in modern history, Anson Dorrance. 

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In her final year at UNC Erin suffered a career ending knee injury and was fortunate enough to become the under-graduate assistant coach for the 2011-12 season.

Erin returned to Cincinnati with a passion for teaching and spent the next several years coaching youth soccer and working at New Richmond HS as a math and gym teacher.

Between 2012 and 2014 Erin had the opportunity to work with, study and observe players, teams and clubs throughout Cincinnati and noticed the lack of individual attention being given to each athlete. Coaches were being overworked and there were simply not enough hours in the day to dedicate to individual development. Players were missing out on their true potential.

In 2014 Erin made the decision to walk away from teaching and follow her passion for player development and X Factor Futbol was created! A 1500 sqft indoor training facility located in Milford, OH.

By 2017 Erin had doubled the size of her facility to incorporate a more advanced training technique and strategy geared towards optimal performance.

As the business continued to grow, so did client demand, and it became very apparent that today’s athlete wanted to manage their time more efficiently. A one-stop-shop that catered to their every need, providing Erin with another opportunity to enhance player experience even further.

Therefore, in 2020 X Factor Futbol added an additional 1500sft indoor training space with the introduction of their Speed and Agility suite. A dedicated space allocated to improving a player’s athletic performance, along with providing injury prevention, recovery training and yoga.

Most recently Erin made the decision to expand her facility even further by adding a 27,000 sqft lighted outdoor grass area, X Factor Field. A state-of-the-art complex that advances the individual experience by creating a much larger platform, both physically and mentally.

Over the last 6 years Erin Mikula and X Factor Futbol have established themselves as one of the leading player development platforms within the city. Situated on 8 acres of land and with more development scheduled shortly X Factor Futbol has become the go to destination!